My problems.
2001-11-05 03:50:41 (UTC)

My Birthday

Today was my birthday and it wasn't what I expected it
to be. First I got up and got on my computer to check
my mail... No messages =(. So then I turned on AOL
IM and no one was on so I left and went to see who
else was up. When I got back I got a message from
Chrissy saying "Happy Birthday." I thought that was
pretty nice so I emailed her telling her thanks.

Then she told me that my present was almost ready so
I was quite excited. Then my dad told me we were
going out so I got ready and we went out to
somewhere. Where? I had no idea.

So we drove and all of a sudden my mom asked me
and my little brother if we would mind sitting in the car
while her and my father went into Verizon Wireless to
check on her phone cause it was goin buggy this
morning. WHAT A HORRIBLE LIE. I knew that she was
goin in there to get me a phone but she just couldn't
admit it.

So I waited around 15 minutes listening to music on my
computer with my little brother, BUT one of the songs
he requested was the song... "I'm Real" and I told him
that I was NOT going to play it. So after 15 minutes my
dad walks out and tells me to come inside and pick my
birthday gift.

So I went in and looked at the phones. Saw some
pretty nice ones too. I was looking at a $250 phone and
they were gonna get me it too, but I liked another one. It
only cost $180. Still a lot of money for a phone. But
now I got my own cell phone so now I can call peeps
more often. If you wanna know my number drop me a
line YO. lol.

So then we went over the K-Mart and I saw Jeremy for a
sec and he said hi, but i don't think he relized it was my

After that we went and saw K-PAX, it was a pretty good
movie and I enjoyed it. After the movie guess who I saw
at the theater... JAMES. He creeped up behind me and
gave me a big ol' hug and said wassup!?! So we
chatted for a few minutes and he asked me if I had lost
weight and I told him I lost 10 pounds and I really did
loose 10 pounds so I felt pretty good.

He told me that the school isn't letting him come back
to the school so I felt pretty bad for em'. Hes a good kid
but he makes stupid decsions. Too bad for him.

So then we went home and I talked to Chrissy for a few
minutes and she told me she came to my house with
my gift but I wasn't home so I felt a little bad about bein
home but what can I do about it? Nothing. Sorry.

So what can I say? Tommarow I am looking foward to
Angela's and Chrissy's gifts. Thats what I've really been
looking foward to though. Their gifts. Should be

So now I'm 17.... Wierd thing is that I don't feel any
different but I guess I'm supposed to act differnt in my
parents eyes. Looks like we'll have to wait and see.