le soleil et la lune
2001-11-05 03:44:15 (UTC)

another day at old navy

For some odd reason Andre and I have flirted like mad for
the past 2 days, and all I can figure is that it is his way
of getting back at Tiffani. Cory told me that he was going
to buy his own country one day, and that I could be the
queen. That's sweet but NO! I am working a LOT this
week. Tomorrow is my only day off, but I guess that's okay
since I'm grounded and couldn't do anything anyway. I
discovered something at Spencers today. It's pretty funny,
but someone might get really pissed off, so that id going
to be between me, the spencers guy, and one other person.
Oh, and I came to a conclusion about something I've been
mulling over for quite some time. I've decided to keep it
to myself. I think that's best. Amanda's starting a
diary! How ironic. I guess that's all. Oh, I got a 1360
on my SATs.