pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
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2001-11-05 03:11:53 (UTC)

# 6 ''your love is like a roller coaster..''

that strange feeling that CAN be defined, but NOT
described. its one of those things you have to go through
in order to understand what it can do to you. you ever look
up, spread your arms out wide, and spin 'round, and around
an' around?
thats kind of how it is. if you don't pay attention to
what's happening around you, you'll eventually fall and
hurt those who surround you. and probably yourself. that
term, "blinded by love" is somewhat true.

you will never forget your first heartbreak. no matter how
the years pass, no matter how many times you fall in love
after that moment, your first heartbreak will never be