Joshin Jane

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2001-11-05 03:10:24 (UTC)

casey, my lover

no practice.
it was so wonderful.
i had four hours of SATs but it was okay, i'm used to it.
mom and dad went out and i had the art program in the middle of the
afternoon so i ended up spending the entire day at school, taking
myself out to lunch and dinner across the street, and having some
interesting conversations with james.
dhall was awesome, too.
emily had so much expendable energy and i was at that "everything is
funny" point of fatigue.
by the last three minutes, i was reading her book about a flapping
penis and she was mouthing "FUCK" in a hoarse whisper and trying to
bite me.
it was thrilling.

i whiled away the entire day either sleeping or on the
i talked to becky.
i ate soup.
i got engaged.
i watched the game.
casey and i spoke online and on the phone for so long.
it was by far one of the best feelings i've had in a while.
we talked about everything - his bunk bed and how he used
to play lacrosse and pink cowboy hats and all these other
cute things.
beck and i are going to put him in a box and wrap him up
and give him to each other for christmas.

i'm not sure where my good mood went but my parents came home and tom
can't go to homecoming and i'm listening to music that's making me
think but i'm talking to seth so that's cheering me up a little.
SxySeth9: hey jerk
MyNamesMasha: hey smelly
SxySeth9: whats going on
MyNamesMasha: just having sex
MyNamesMasha: aren't you?

i think it sank in just how much work i need to do.
and just how little time i have to get it done.
i was finishing up the entry and about to do some work when casey
came back online and i just couldn't leave, i felt like i wanted to
spent the rest of my life talking to him.

[I need so/to stay in your arms see you smile hold you close/and now
it weighs on me/as heavy as stone and a bone chilling cold/I was just
wondering if you'd come along.../tell me you will... DMB - The Stone]

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