Clouds n Sun
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2001-11-05 02:59:44 (UTC)

4 Nov. 2001 8:50 pm Life With a Hypochondriac

Good writers never write the title before they write the
words, paragraph, story or whatever, but I just did that
very thing, so I suppose that makes me a mediocre writer.
Anyhow, it's early yet, but I'm so tired I think I'll go to
bed. I'll read "Franny and Zooey" by J.D. Salinger and
listen to NPR and eventually drop off into a deep sleep. I
will be working from 3 pm until 11 pm for the next two
weeks, so hopefully that won't be so trying as working the
graveyard shift. I must be the most boring person in the
world. My weekend consisted of this: 1. Picking up my
check and putting it in the bank. 2. Getting a haircut.
3. Eating at Sonic, a Frito's chili pie (yuck!. 3.
Washing clothes. 4. Bringing Grandma here so she could
help Mom take a bath. My mom's damn near an invalid. All
she does is think constantly about her health. Granted
she's sick, with emphysema and all, and I know she's under
a lot of stress, but I also know that if only she could
look her sickness in the eye and stand up to it, she would
get a lot better, or at least feel better and be more
optimistic. But I don't think that will happen because
she's been a hypochondriac for too long now. I'm sure if I
just had a better job, and was far away from my parents and
this one-horse town, and maybe had a great girlfriend, that
my life would be so much sunnier. I suppose those three
things are tall orders to fill tho. Things like that
generally don't happen overnight. I guess my main
objective for now needs to be saving money, but I'm simply
not sure if I can take the stress much longer without
something breaking. I feel cracked, fissures running all
through my being, growing wider and deeper day by day. My
mind feels numb, or slowed-down. My joints ache. I hope
hypochondria isn't contagious!

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