Alice In Oz

Home? Where exactly is home?
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2001-11-05 02:54:27 (UTC)

Yay for saturdays!

Mood: bored as hell
Listening to: Shame by System of a Down

Ok, so we did E again yesterday.... Jessi and I had to walk
forever to get it tho.. the fuckers gave us the wrong
directions.... we found em, got our E.... and took a cab to
the bars. this E was super fucked up! When I thought it
hit me, I got up and my legs were rubber! It felt like I
was bouncing on the moon! My face and skin felt like
rubber and I couldn't taste anything! I was even
hallucinating shit! I saw these two guys spit blood at each
other and my water bottle was floating! anyway, to say the
least, I was fucked up! Then, just as I thought the night
couldn't get much better, Chris (alias) walked in.... I was
pissed cuz he played me on halloween, so I was ignoring
him. I could see him stare at me from across the room and
waving like mad to get my attention.... Then, after 20
minutes of ignoring him, I sat down and he shouted my
name... well of course I turned around to look, and he said
hi and blew me a kiss. Jessi was there and I was
like, "AW!" and Jess was like, "No..." and I was
like, "but!" and she said, "NO!" and then I said, "But he's
so hot!" and she slapped me..... so, he kept coming to talk
to me and shit all night and then at the same time, some
Mitch (alias) guy was trying to pick me up... so when I was
writting down my number for Mitch, Chris comes over and
askes, "you're not giving him my number now are you?" and I
looked at him and replied, "Um, I don't even have you're
number!" then he leaned over, kissed me on the cheek and
said, "well you should" I almost melted but I kept a
straight face. Well, there's more, but I'll keep it out
for now.....later skater!

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