A Crazy Persons Thoughts
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2001-11-05 02:48:03 (UTC)

something interesting

i went out for coffee with phillip, this guy that works
with sheri. it was really nice. i think it might even turn
into something. we have a lot in common. school is not the
most important thing in out lives. we have similer friends,
similer views, we are both pretty much the same socially:
not caring. it was nice. kinda weird a little just because
we are begining to get to know each other, but not at all
bad. i think it will get a lot more comfortable the more we
hang out. we'll probably do something next weekend.
it makes me happy. at the same time, i still like danny a
lot, even though i know it will never happen with him. Im
hoping this will get me away from all that. I can learn to
like phil as much as i do danny. and he's a great guy,
phillip. he makes me smile :)
things are kind of confusing right now.

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