Lady Raghilliagh

Ponderings . . . .
2001-11-05 02:47:19 (UTC)

Losing Your Voice Can Suck. . . . . . .

Today was horrible. . . I lost my other journal account
(which had been going for a year and a half now, damn you
to hell yahoo, damn you), I have completely lost my voice,
I had to turn down a major part in the Nutcracker, and
everyone is blowing my whole "Linden" Situation completetly
out of proportion.

I guess that's what's really been bothering me lately.
Yeah I do like him, but so what? Everyone's making it seem
like I'm head-over-heels about him, but I'm not. I like
him because he's funny, he's a great person to be around,
he has a great sense of humor and he is one of the few
people that you can carry a semi-intelligent conversation
with in the entire school.

God people suck. I mean Joe is being a total idiot about
it. i was pissed when i found out he told him. In fact I
almost started crying. I mean it's complicated, I did like
him like him freshman year, and I guess since nothing
happened i pushed it to the back of mind and left it
alone. If anyone is reading this here is a good piece of

"Never EVER EVER EVER EVER tell anyone anything. Te only
person you can trust is yourself."

So anyway, if I like him, why am I a bitch? Well I think I
finally figured it out. Nerves was only a cover cause I
didn't know why. . . . . So here's the scoop. I'm a bitch
to him and everyone else because 1) It's become a habit 2)
I'm too afraid to open up to people and show them my
feelings so I try to shut them out 3)I'm too scared to
become close to someone and then be rejected to laughed at
and 4)I've never had so many people prying into my personal
life before.

Oh well my mom is calling, i gotta go empty the
dishwasher..... oh yeah losing your voice sucks.