Blood and Chocolate
2001-11-05 02:46:29 (UTC)

work out pants, sports bra , Rocky Cd and Box bag

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here ! I am so tired probably cause around
4:30 I was so stressed I put on my work out pants and my
sports bra and went and boxed downstairs for like ummmmm an
hour or so !!! But the time flew by !!!! I am sorry I LOVE
to Kick Box and normal Box ! Yea we have one of those big
boxing bags that hangs ! you all are probably thinking "
how the hell can you box like that for an hour with out any
rests !?" well I don't know either but for some reason I
just can !!!!! It helps me clear my mind and I really like
doing it and I don't know its just its easier to think
when I am hitting something ! LOL ! its some crazy stuff
but uh yea !! I just turn on my Rocky soundtrack and
start boxing ! Then before I knew it I had to run upstairs
and shower and get ready for youth group !!!!!
ahhhhhh !!!!! that was fun !!!! but yea I am so incredably
tired!!!!! I gotta bounce !