It smells like poop over here
2001-11-05 02:41:15 (UTC)

nothin exciting yet

guess what i did???? yeah, once again, all i did was go to
work. i didn't feel much like lifting weights, so i came
online. im sick of work. that's all i've really done for
the past 4 days. i wanna chill with my buddy jared, but
he's never around. awhile back he asked me if i wanted to
get an apartment with him. i think that'd be pretty cool.
my mom doesn't really notice me, so i wouldn't have a lot
more freedom, just less money and more responsibility.
sounds like a crappy deal to me. i hafta go to school on
tuesday, and i think im gonna do something out of whack and
dramatic. just to make my life more interesting. im not
sure what ill do just yet, but if it works. ill probably
discover something new about myself. if it doesn't, you'll
hear about how bad my day was, how shitty my life is, and
how pissed i am. lates.