Damsel in Distress

2001-11-05 02:19:16 (UTC)


ok...mark has fetishes lots of them...he wants to have a
girl teabag him, he wants to perform anal on a girl, he
wants to have a girl spit his cum into his own mouth, he
loves when girls wear leather, he loves when girls lick
lolipops and twirl them in their mouths, he loves when
girls are dominant, and i think he would do anything with a
girl as long as he gets to touch one.

i guess my fetishes are weird too though, rain, going down
on a guy, different places esp. in nature, dominance both
ways, handcuffs, etc. i dont have many. just certain things
like the first two drive me wild. there is also this smell
that i love, the last guy's penis smelled so great it drove
me wild. hehe. anyways, i am not a little girl anymore i
can make my own decisions. hehe.

Ram really is starting to like me. i want to take things
slow and he is talking about moving to san diego for me
when i transfer. its moving just a bit fast for me, but i
dunno if i like him at all.

last night was really funny me and a few friends had a huge
fetish talk. hehe. it got really dirty. we had two people ,
including myself, masturbate during the talk. hehe. that
was so fun and funny. hehe.