Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
2001-11-05 02:18:59 (UTC)

I wanna kill james

That bastard played her! James had never broken up with
Summer when he started dating Sandy and I can't believe it.
He knew! He knew she already had problems trusting guys. He
promised never to pull shit like that on her. He PROMISED!
We told him. I actually thought he was a nice guy. He
really does like her, so why did he pull that! He ruined it
for himself and for her. That fucking asshole! What is
wrong with him! He should have told her from the beginning.
He's miserable now. As it should be. It'll be long time
before she'll be able to trust him again, yet she still
wants to eventually be good friends! I don't understand
that. Oh well. We'll see.