Crazy Thoughts
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2001-11-05 02:07:27 (UTC)

Oh, I m tired, besides the fact..

Oh, I'm tired, besides the fact I've been sleeping all
weekend, I'm tired. Diving has really run me out of things
because I'm extremely nervous about my conference meet.
There are a bijillion things rushing through my head every
second! Oh! I need to get it all out!!
I really miss Wesley, this morning in the shower I feel
asleep and when I woke up to the burning water on my back
all I could remember was dreaming about him. I can't get
him out of my head, with diving cracking me all up, etc., I
still manage to find his very essence flourishing in my
intellect and thoughts. I don't understand why my parents
can't compherehend my strong deep feelings for him-to them
he's just some guy that I can't shut up about, but to me,
he's the guy that's holding my heart is his hands. Our
relationship will forever be full of compassion for one and
another, and who ever you ask, we all claim to like
eachother more than the other. Rissa asked him if he still
liked me and he said that he probably liked me 5 times more
than I like him! hehe, He's the sweetest guy ever! I'm
sorry to all who don't understand why I can't ever fucking
shut-up about him, but trust me, once you find that one
person and many miles lay between you two, you won't ever
be able to shut-up about them.
Another thing I don't understand is why people can't put up
with long-distance relationships, if you feel so deeply
moved by that soul mate, you will do anything for them, as
Britney Spears puts it, you're a sllllaaavveee for 'em
(nice reference, I know) But anyways, it takes effort and
time, but ever day you wake up to, that you live, is
another day being in the arms of the one you truly desire.
I know what pain these relationships bring, there have been
days where I don't want to get out of bed after a long
night of tears, but there have been days where hapiness
have fulfilled me beyond imagination where I am so happy
that I got to talk to Wesley. He brings me so much joy in
this world, and I always thank god for that. I've had my
issues, I always will, but it's nice having Wesley there
because he just makes me so happy! I don't know how else to
describ it...
I need to go get some more sleep, I think I'm over
sleeping, if it's a bad thing, he, he, goodnight you guys,
I hope you have a good week!

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