Morbid Angel

2001-11-05 01:59:56 (UTC)

Ass Clowns

Good God! My mom is a beast! I am 20 years old and I
still get bitched at for the same shit I did when I was 8.
Ya think she'd realize that by now I am not gunna change
and she would just give up. Oh no! I used the purple
laundry basket, jesus christ! Find something a little more
important to bitch to me about. And I can't find the
friggin pictures from my knee scope and I neeeeeed them for
my appt on the 15th. shit fuck! Anyway, she's an ass
clown who yells at me about laundry baskets and misplaces
my knee pictures. =/ Atleast I got all the OPT reports
and MRIs and shit.

I didn't really do anything this weekend, I worked the SATs
on Saturday, so I went to bed early on Friday with Chris =)~
hehe and just spent the whole weekend with him which
ruled. we just hung out and went out to eat and shit.
yeah, chris rules. we are all perfect for each other n
stuff. hehe. seriously though, we are perfect for each
other, I could hang out with him all the time if I could.

well I guess I am gunna go order a dress online or
something, heh. I gotta get something from the "office x-
mas party" PUKE!

if i was a desperate fool like all these other people who
have online diaries, i would type right here, "omg, I like
totally love getting e-mail, so e-mail me at
[email protected] and like tell me what you think
of my diary, i LOOOOOOOOVE getting feedback! Okie, I'm
outties" GAG HURL SPEW!!!!!