wRiTiNgS oF a GiRL
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2001-11-05 01:49:36 (UTC)

Young And Free...Only Seventeen...

My birthday was alright. Some people remembered, some
didn't, which I had expected. I had a few nice surprises,
(thank you Adam, you're the best) and all in all, it was a
good day. Anyways, I played basketball today, in a
tournament, got smoked and got some new bruises to add to
my collection. I feel like I got hit by a big @$$ truck, to
say the least. I'm so bored. I should study for my Bio test
tomorrow, but If I have to read about flowers, leaves, and
all that other crap one more time I'm going to hurl.
Gaw...I hate Biology! Get to do lines for Volleyball
tomorrow, that's fun. And, there's bowling tomorrow night,
that's fun too :) Um...That's about it. TTFN.

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