Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2001-11-05 01:46:18 (UTC)

12 days to go

Austin is due in 12 days.I feel perfectly normal other than
the aquard all night wake ups.When I sleep I have to get up
and move around.I guess my legs being streight out makes
less belly room or something.Its scarey to know I could go
into labor safely any minute now.The waiting game is getting
too old.
This weekend I spent saturday and sunday at my bfs house.I
didnt think it would be that fun since sex isnt easy this
far along in my pregnancy,and his sister was coming down to
visit him sunday.Well saturday he came over and we got that
pumpkin icecream Ive wanted for a while now.He got a vinilla
cone and I got my pumpkin cone.Then we mingled around the
mall for a while.After that we drove to his house and
ordered pizza.We wound up doing it on his couch.I felt much
better afterwards compared to the friction painful feeling I
felt before.It doesnt make sense that now it doesnt hurt but
before it did.I fell asleep on the couch soon after we did
that.He woke me up to go upstairs to sleep for the night.I
didnt have any strange dreams like I usually do at his
Sunday I woke up at 7 O'clock and I figured my bf would be
awake by then but he wasnt.I tugged the sheets and tickled
him for a while.When that didnt wake him up I made myself go
back to sleep too.We woke up at 10a and had waffles.He makes
the best waffles.His sister was coming over at 1 so we had
time to chill.We did it again.Then I took my shower first
while he layed in bed for a while.So when his sister got to
his house I was pretty quiet.Im always quiet around new
people at first.We went to Copelands for dinner.We split two
huge main corses and appitizer to total 58$.Then we stopped
at 7-11 for icecream afterwards by my request.His sister and
I were checkinging out the halloween discount toys like
organ goop and 3 ft twizler tubes.My bf got a tub of oreo
flavor and we ate it at his house.Then his sister went home
and he took me home.
My bfs been hastleing about breast feeding lately.I dont
want to breast feed really but hes right about it being
better for the baby.I used to care so much about how cheap
he was instead of listening to whats actually best for
Austin.He never bought anything so my way of revenge was
planning to be through his wallet.Im actually thinking about
moving in with him now.It wouldnt be so bad now that I know
its ok to say when I disagree with him.He would get me any
thing I asked for,and would talk with me before argueing.I
have to remember that we grow together regardless of his
age.He isnt as bad as I make him seem through my own eyes.I
always have been very dramatic about everything.
Ofcourse I want to stay at my moms home with Austin at
first.Im sure I wont feel too comfey after delivery.My mom
would understand that more.Ive always been so dependant on
my mom.I cant do that anymore.I have to be the grown-up.The
one who does the protecting and gives the many needed hugs.I
dont know where Ill be staying in two months.Then again I
didnt know where Id be 9 months ago eather.Only time will