Puzzling out my life
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2001-11-05 01:28:39 (UTC)


My mother pisses me off so much. She started going off on
me, and how I'm never going to make it on my own, and I
should just give up the idea. Then when I was saying
something later about not liking the way my father's friend
refers to minority groups, she accused me of having a
holier than thou attitude. She told me that everyone thinks
I still act like a teenager, and I need to grow up. She
went off on how some sixteen year old son of my dad's
friend thinks I'm stuck up and that I need to act my age.
The little shit can just go to hell, because its not like
he's perfect, and he's been a spoiled brat since we were
kids, with Daddy handing him everything on a silver
platter. And he says I'm stuck up.

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