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2001-11-05 01:17:21 (UTC)


I'm writing this entry to elaborate and clear up some of
last times confusions:

Dustin and I aren't going out anymore and I'm really glad
actually. Its weird because... As i look back on it I see
that I was over him, before we were even together. That
makes absolutely no sense, but If you've been following
this diary at ALL, or listening to me talk about it for the
last month- you would notice that I never REALLY liked him.
I really pity you if you understand what I am trying to
say, because that means that you are as crazy as I am....
or crazier because it confuses me too. :)

Caitlin and Brock are still together and for awhile there
(even when i was going out with dustin) I felt like the 3rd
wheel. I can understand y i would feel that way considering
that they are ALWAYS together and they always drag me and
kenden along. It kinda makes me mad sometimes... O Well,
Its crazy, but god, I love those kids~

The world is still at war- and anthrax is spreading like
herpes in a whore house. Crazy times we live in... I tell

Yup... thats about all that has happened new in Liz Land
recently... well, except for some details that I'll just
have to mention in a WHOLE nother entry!

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