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2001-03-19 04:37:42 (UTC)

Well, me and my Mom went Prom..

Well, me and my Mom went Prom dress shopping today! i found
a few, but didn't get any becuase i don't even have a date
yet...and i have a rule for myself...NO DATE, NO
DANCE... :) Aaaanyways, Spring Break sucks so far, but its
only just begun, so I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed...Me
and Justin are gonna go snowboarding soon, and i KNOW that
will make the whole break allllll good!
Oh yeah, Kim and I are kinda going through some hard
times. She isn't talking to me, and when i talk to her, she
gives me this look like "why the hell are you even LOOKING
at me?" i swear she thinks shes better than everyone
else...Well, i gotta go to bed, but please, if you read
this, write to me! I just want to see who, if anyone, still
reads this! *peace*