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2000-11-13 15:01:54 (UTC)

November 13, 2000 Monday 9:36..

November 13, 2000
9:36 am

It is Monday and I am not at school. I have to go to the DMV to
renew my lisence. I let it run out so, I must go up there and get it
again. Mom made me get up at the same time because she thought I
could just go to work with her. As it turned out though, Jamie has
to go to do the same thing, so Darlene and Jamie are going up there
with us. We are going to go shopping and stuff while we are up
there. I have had a four day weekend. Sometimes life is sweet.
Anyway, Ben called me on Thursday evening. He was telling me about
his problems with Josh. It turns out the Ben's great guy was a real
jerk. Josh was talking to some other guy named Greg, and telling
both Ben and Greg that he hoped they could get together and make the
relationship last, and a whole bunch of other bull. Ben is hurt a
little, but I would bet anything that he will be over it soon. The
thing with Ben is that he falls for people way too easily. Since he
is gay he knows how it feels to be discriminated upon, so he tries to
give everyone a chance. Don't get me wrong, I believe the same
thing, but there is a point where you have to draw the line. Well,
Color Guard is about over, just a few more parades to drudge through,
I would say march, but everyone is so tired of marching, that we all
drudge through. I wouldn't go if it wasn't for my grade. Oh, well,
it's not too long before it is over. I have to do the Clarksburg
Christmas Parade sometime this month, I think it is the 28th. The
Color Guard is going to wear reindeer ears and twirl candy canes, we
are going to be marching right in front of Santa Claus. It should be
fun. I downloaded Teenage Dirtbag onto Napster. I like that sound.
It is a good one. I hope Napster doesn't get shut down. I think it
is a really great program. What would I listen to if I didn't have
Napster. I think they are in court right now, so I should know
pretty soon. This morning after mom left, I heard Buddy, our dog,
whimpering outside. I went out to see what his problem was and he
had a tree limb tangled in his dog run. It took me a good ten
minutes to get him free. He is the most stupid dog in this entire
world. More Later, I hope.

For Your Information:
Reading- "Insomnia" by Stephen King
Watching- NBC's Today

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