my name?

my boring life
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2001-11-05 00:39:52 (UTC)

so confusing....

im soooo confused but yet im not idk its weird...yeah
friday sucked i got dumped...but its okay i not
that upset im more mad than anything else..i dont get why
people dump u because of your friends i mean there not
going out with your friends there going out with you so why
does it matter who your friends are to them? i dont
understand how people expect you to be with them every two
seconds, i mean i need breathing room...and i like to talk
to other people other than my boyfriend all the time..but i
guess its sooo wrong to talk to your friends... i dont know
though its prolly for the best i mean i did like other
people and it was prolly going to end in a bigger disaster
if we went out any i guess it is for the best.
Saturday was alot better than friday.. me and sam went to
the movies and sam was suppose to meet Jose there but he
never then..we ended up going with dan
w,marc,this other kid, ryan f, this other kid, rob and
mike... so that was real fun...and then today i just went
to the mall and got alotta clothes so that was cool...idk
what else to say sooo bye!

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