Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-03-19 03:55:34 (UTC)

much respect to all who read ..

much respect to all who read
please read entry #1
this is about the things that make me happy to be here
little things i notice like how blondie pours the milk from
the side of the milk container as aposed to the pointy
front everyone else uses or how the little one has to give
you like 50 kisses before she laeves,and seeing people
driving in thier cars by themselfs and singing to the raido
sometimes its the same sation your listen to and thier just
singing there hearts out i love that,i went to the coffie
shop and they were playing frank sinatra it was a good
feeling nice clean place the smell of coffie conversations
with people i hardly know and frank singing off in the
background it just had a good feeling to it.
stay positive

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