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2001-11-05 00:35:09 (UTC)

Dont Wanna Miss A Thing....

That is the song I am listening to right now, well the
cover of the song atleast(by NFG). Joe got a
girlfriend. How does that make me feel? Sad...dunno why,
but i will deal, no way I am messing up his life and
screwing with his feelings once again. Ricky has been
calling alot lately, said he wants to go to my
school...transfer over. Me n Ricky went out in the summer,
he was the obsessive weird-type after i saw him a few times
n i dumped him n have no seen him since(end of July?) but
he still calls all the time n tries to hint that he doesnt
want a committment with anyone, haha. if he transferred to
my school, and he was cute(i forget exactly how he looked)
i would consider going back out with him, just to pass the
time. There is this guy Brad I kinda like in a few of my
classes. He's sooo not punk tho(punk/skater is me
weakness). He is the total blond crew cut hair, blue eyed,
6'2" jock....except he is so totally smart like
all honors classes. And the best part, which I tend to
usually go for...he's the sweet n shy type(in my opinion).
I think he would go out with me, cuz we talk n stuff n he
looks at me(i can see from the corner of my eye), but he is
very NOT forward, and he would probably never get the guts
to ask me out or anything, and me approaching the guy is so
not my style.
So n Joe Neglia are talking, sorta, once
again. He wont be back to school till Friday(suspended for
5days cuz of the fight w/ AJ Soden). Marisa called and left
a message on my machine saying she was grounded....I wonder
what she could have done. By the way, Marisa is only my
best friend in the whole world. I was supposed to go to
North Carolina with her this summer, but my stupid parents
had to decide no cuz theyre paranoid freaks. WHY DO I KEEP
THINKING ABOUT JOE?!?!?!?!?! ahhh its driving me crazy. I
just wanna go chill at some skatepark and meet Mr.Right,
and let that be that, and be happy and forget about the
rest of the guys in my life. How awesome would that be?
Today we were car shopping. My mom wants to get the Altima,
and my dad wanted to get the Camry. I was like...whatever.
But then my mom shared the info that whatever car they got
would be my moms and wen i turned 17, i would share it with
her for about a year, till my dad got his new truck and she
got the van. So then i jumped outta the car and demanded we
get the Honda Civic 4 door with the spoiler, and my mom
actually said alright....sine itll be my car eventually( i
will turn 17 the feb. of 2003). That's not too far away.

Well time to submit my current ims....(let me take off my
away message)

theresthisgirl [7:15 PM]: hey
Auto response from Xx SweEtQTiE xX [7:15 PM]:
Shanen: derived from-Shannon. "Unloved one"

jus joshin ya, leave me a message
theresthisgirl [7:15 PM]: come backkkk
theresthisgirl [7:19 PM]: shanen
theresthisgirl [7:19 PM]: come back

Peace out amis!

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