Reality Check
2001-11-05 00:25:56 (UTC)


Okay, Jimmy is pissing me off. At the game, it was me and
fred, and steven and bird all chillin. and jimmy was chillin
wit us but he kept leaving. then he was like, i need to talk
to you. so we went over somewhere to talk. he was like, "i'm
sorry, i can't just be friends with you....it hurts to much
to see you and fred together and to think about what your
doing when i leave....i've tried so hard to get you back
and...." blah blah blah. shit like that. he does not get
through his head that i do not want to be with him anymore.
i told him i still love him and he was like, well, it
doesn't feel like that lately. and then, out of nowhere,
he's like, "and i'm not trying to ruin your relationship
with him, but i don't think you're the only one." i didn't
say anything about that. he's just trying to break us up,
and i know it. i told fred though, and he's pissed. he's
pissed about the fact that jimmy's trying to say he's
cheating on me and he's pissed that jimmy's still trying to
get me back. today me and fred spent the whole day together,
and i am not confused about who i want to be with anymore. i
want to be with fred, not jimmy. i wish jimmy would get that
through his head. i still love him and everything...but as a
friend. ugh....i don't know. and fucking stephanie wrote
fred this letter saying that she was sorry for acting like a
bitch to him (cause after we hooked up she had a real
attitude problem) and she asked why he chose me over her,
and why don't he give her hugs anymore, and is she still on
his list. i burnt it with my lighter. and tomorrow, after
fred picks me up and takes me to school, she will hear it
from me. you do not write someone elses boyfriend asking if
you're still on his "list". that's ignorant. and it's stupid
cause she gave it to him in front of me and of course i'm
going to read it. anyways, i gotta go.