Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
2001-11-05 00:19:38 (UTC)

Stressed and Depressed

Last night I felt so depressed. I was in a fight with my
mom, my boyfriend was sick and gave me that ultimatum, and
then I felt like I didn't love him anymore. I really don't
know what to do anymore. Often I feel like I'm being
brushed aside by him. I'm getting more and more depressed
everyday, and he and I haven't even been together for 2
months yet. Back in October, things got to be too much
stress for me to handle, and I started cutting myself. I'm
starting to feel that way again, and it's not just my
boyfriend, it's everything. School, my parents, my
friends, my boyfriend, my brother, just everything... I
feel so helpless...