shay files
2001-11-04 23:15:42 (UTC)


i really really feel lonely! i feel like guys really dont
appreciate a real girl. a real personality they just want
the looks and i feel like i must be really really ugly cuz i
have a good personality and i jsut want a real boyfriend but
no one likes me!! i miss being held and feelingloved and
just knowing that someone that i like likes me back! its
such a lonley ugly unwanted feeling to see people around you
all lovey dovey adn have no one for yourself. i just wish i
could get in some guys head to find out why they act like
that and why they really do just like a skinny girl adn not
someone like me! im not really that fat i dont think i mean
im not sick looking or anytihng. i could lose someweight and
im trying but it just sucks i want a boyfriend.
write me some feedback! thanks