Definition through Pain
2001-11-04 23:13:55 (UTC)

Thoughts on Sexuality

Love is dopamine, nor-adrenalin, phenylaethylamin,
endorphins, oxytocin, and testosterone (actually for this
ingredient is for the female to stay sexually receptive)
present in either or both of members of a couple.

Traditional love occurs when a male sees a female capable
of bearing children and attempts to impress her. A pretty
woman suggests that she is healthy and more likely to be
able to bear children hence why the are more coveted. A
male with status is seen as more capable of protecting and
providing for the couple's child(ren). They fall in love
and have about seven months to get pregnant until the
feeling disappears or changes. Monogamy is preferred since
the male doesn't want to protect children that do not
possess his genes. If pregnancy occurs, once the child is
about seven, the male will be tempted to leave since the
child is old enough for him to leave and he would like to
create more bits of protoplasm that has his genes.

However, when sexuality is seen as a way of creating
sensual, emotional bonds between creatures and a basic
creative force in the universe as seen in by many
nonwestern cultures instead of merely a means of
reproduction, arbitrary (since any gender identity is
instilled in the individual through society) limitations
seem almost absurd and therefore embracing whatever form an
individual's eroticism takes should be encouraged.

Another common attribute in most relationships that should
be questioned is monogamy. Approximately 98% of creatures
are polyamorous and that 86% of cultures before influenced
by Western thought sanctioned some sort of polyamory though
half of all males and a third of females in modern Western
cultures admit to having an affair during a monogamous
relationship and more than half of the marriages currently
end up in divorce. In an age of contraception, monogamy is
preferred generally to avoid jealousy and provide stability
and meaning in a fragmented culture, however this often
leads to repression of sexuality which ironically causes a

You are unsure whether sexual relationships between adults
and children are wrong. You believe that children are
sexual creatures after watching them masturbate, and
Lucifer admitted that he loved the man who "sexually
abused" him as a child, but tried to justify it as being
distorted and manipulated. When you suggested your idea, he
became angry and demanded that the subject be dropped.

You obsess on the concept of love while you deny it's
existence if only because you cannot fit into a mold that
invites attraction. (You're a teenage dirt bag, Nothing, a
disposable teen.) You must admit, having a warm body next
to you would be nice, if only so you could trick yourself
into not feeling so alone.