Not So Pretty

burn out
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2001-11-04 23:02:17 (UTC)

I Don't Belong Here

MëïÑ HëRz ߣuTëT! And for those of you who don't spend all
of your spare time (your life) on the computer trying to
find something that means something but means nothing to
someone and yet something to someone else.....that means..."My
Heart Bleeds" hahahahaha.... confused yet?

hi hi you person who I just are you? yeah
well....poo on you! I feel like shit.. but oh well.
do you want to read a lil note that my ex boyfriend's best
friend Ronie sent me? well too bad! you're gonna read it goez:

(its ronie listen josh got put back in harbor view but he
broke out and hes trying to get out of state i got to go.
he loves you)

Harbor View is a mental hospital incase you didn't know.
that was like... two or three dayz after Josh was like....
well.....gone. I think him and Ronie left together, cuz I
know if Ronie was still here he'd get in touch with me
somehow to tell me what was goin' on. But ya know what?
honestly... I don't know how I'm still living here....
Without Josh... I probably all (whoever you
are) think that I'm just one of those stupid people who
just like to bitch and have people feel sorry for them...
but that's not true. I loved Josh more then anything in
the world, and I still do. Anyone who's ever loved
anyone, I'm sure that you know how I feel. I dunno...I'm
just not meant to ever be happy. but I guess.....better me
then someone else. But I guess I should go now. I have
nothing more to say. and I sure as hell don't want to make
you sit here and listen to me. so....goodbye for now, I'll
write some other time. Have fun, and Don't get lost, Keep
safe...and oh yeah.....Make Good Choices! LaPd ~Jecka~