A Hippie's Thoughts......
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2001-11-04 22:47:20 (UTC)

Tennis Again:-)...

11-5-01 i think??

Hey well i just got back from playing tennis! Me *n* Lauren
played against each other. I beat her 7-5..but it was a
long match. neways..its like 5:45. yea. i need 2 finish my
book 4 biology. its called Inherit the wind and its gay and
stupid and i dont wanna read it. but we're having a test on
it 2morrow. geeze~how mean:-p me and bailey hit 4 awhile
after me and lauren played..cuz lauren had to leave. i
guess i did ok. im like tired:-/..im about 2 take a nap or
something but i dont feel like getting up out of this chair
im in..haha. ok wellllll im going


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