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2001-11-04 22:26:17 (UTC)

Drink from my Silver Cup

how am I feeling today? What are my true feelings inside?
Instead of writing profusely about how much my life hurts
and how big of a cyncial individual I am...I will stop and
ask I REALLY feel this way? Am I just following
this trend of depression? Or worse yet, am I *gasp!*
seeking attention from strangers?? For Christ's sake, 97%
of the people on this cursed site have misery related
entries and I believe that it's catching on to me... Let
me reflect on the positive.
1) Im a good dancer
2) Im a pretty good singer
3) Im not a ho
4) Im loyal
5) I like to make you laugh
6) I don't give a fuck about pleasing men
7) I design my own clothes
8) I have goals and dreams
9) I worship my family
10) I can't stand techno

okay that's the postive...hey look folks...this DOES NOT
mean I believe in all of the things I write about
myself...I just read somewhere in Time magazine if you take
eh, 3.5 minutes of your precious time to write down ten
things that you think are most likely good things about
yourself, you'll relieve stress...Oh my god what a
revelation. Im so happy I just found this out...where was
that article 10 years ago? Now, I made a list of things
that I couldn't stand about myself and I had to stop and
find more paper..
anyways in closing: Love what you can be. Beauty is in
the inside. Stay away from fatty foods. Stop and breath.
Hug and kiss someone.
bye *smack*