Teenage years
2001-11-04 21:56:56 (UTC)

Teenage life sux

You know I always used to say I cant wait till I turn 13.
I hate it. All guys care about is if you have a nice body
or not and if you dont forget you. Everytime a guy finds
out I like him he replies lets just be friends. I hate it.
Why are guys like that. All my friends have boyfriends. Not
me. See I really like this guy named John. He is 16.
He said he loves me. The only problem I have is he lives in
illinios. I met him online. I have been talking to him for
awhile. We exchanged phone numbers he gave me his address
and I sent him pictures of me. He said it doesnt matter
what I look like he still loves me. But I am still just so
confused. If my mom ever found out about him though she
would kill me. She would be like Brittany you are only 13
leave the older guys alone, or I cant believe you, you met
him online. She doesnt care that he said he loves me or
that maybe I love him. I talked to my best friend Jessica
about him and she helps me get through it all. This might
be hard to believe but I actually cry over him. I dont know
if I really love him. How do I know he really loves me. How
do I know he just isnt saying he loves me. Its so confusing.
I tried to get over him but when I started thinking about
him it just got worse. Then he called me and he said he
called just to let me know he still loves me and he is so
sorry his computer broke and they are trying to get it
fixed. What should I do? How can I stop thinking about him?
I really want to know if he is telling the truth or not. I
told Jessica next time I talked to him I was going to ask
him what is going on. WE talk like we are going out but we
arent. Every time he calls or when I call him to say what I
have to say I chicken out. I end up not saying it. Then I
get mad at myself. I hate being a teenager. Why cant life
be so much easier?