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2001-11-04 21:54:51 (UTC)

i hate friends


friends are nothing but heart breaks waiting to happen.
i have never had a freind for a long time that hasn't hurt
me in some way. or changed my life in a bad way. i wonder
why i bother. my once "best" friend just called. i don't
even remember the last time she called me. she wants a ride
to church. she could tell by the sound in my voice that i
wasn't in the mood to talk. she said, "well i could get
someone else to take me. " great. last thing i want. so i
told her i would take her. she was in a good mood. all
hiper and perky. that made me mad. she has no clue how much
hurt shes done to me. i know your thinking "well tell her!"
i have. it doesn't get through her head. and whats worse is
that i still love her.
:_: malorie :_: