All on the table
2001-03-19 02:56:15 (UTC)

I m working at finding my "art"..

I'm working at finding my "art" side again, and it feels

I'm not doing anything much with music composition,
even though that's my strongest creative urge, because
that's the one that is too easily interrupted. Her baby
grand piano is right outside the study door, so it's
impossible to compose if Kristine or Ann is practicing,
or if Ann is teaching a piano lesson. But enough of
what I'm not doing...

What I AM doing is photography. That has the
advantage that I get away from one spot...

I have three rolls of film to pick up tomorrow, along
with CDs of hi-res digital images. One of these is from
the recent vacation, while the others are back in the
home community. I don't know that I've really pushed
my creativity yet with any of these, but I'm slowly
rediscovering how a photographer sees, how to be one
with the camera, and how to stay on top of all the little
details. I'm eager to see how they came out.

I did one other frivolous photographic effort today - at a
recommendation from a friend of mine, I bought a cheap
digital camera from KMart! This one's the JamCam,
since it has an interface to Macintosh computers. It
has enough memory for eight photos before you have to
download, so I bought a memory chip that cost almost
as much as the camera, and now I can shoot 99 photos
before downloading. It feels bizarre to click madly at
anything around, knowing there's no film to buy,
processing to pay for, or delay in viewing the photos.
The quality is questionable, of course - this IS a cheap
camera, after all, but it is fun! ...and I like having fun
every now and then!

So, maybe photography gets on track soon, and then I
can get my music on track after that. I want to energize
that creative side of me again, so I don't lose it.

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