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My walk through Life
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2001-11-04 21:27:09 (UTC)

The Landslide of Life

Ok this entry is for thursday. nov.1st/2001. Well today
started out as any other boring day waking up and going to
school. but i had made a decision. I was going to finally
tell off a person who call me her best friend, yah right
this girl does nothing but lie,and spread rumors about
EVERYONE! sorry, but thats not a true friend to me. yah so
there i am sittin in the middle of 3rd hour i throw a note
over my left sholder saying "our friendship is OVER!" and
she replies by saying "w/e u say" so i think cool i fianlly
got the worst out of the best yah know she can go her way
and i'll go mine. yah little did i know she'd use her
little persasive lieing to try to get my friends against
me. yah and let me tell you it defintaly worked, well at
least on someone who was supposed to be my best friend. (
she was the one in my last entry we took her cuz's t-or-
ting) yah so my best friend totally decided to dump on me
which totally just tore me apart inside. i seriosuly didn't
know what to do think or even say. there i was thinkning
that i was doing something to amke my life a lot better and
it did. but i lost the closest person to me in the world
while doing it. i still don't know what her reason is for
being mad. i really don't think that she has one. but if
that is what she really wants here's to u forget u i don't
care when that liar lets u down don't EVER come crying to
me again. i could careless. if this hurtss ur feelings GOOD
now u know how i felt when u turned ur back on me! we were
the best of friends for like 4 years now and ur gonna go
let someone's little lies ruin our friendship that
certianly says a lot about ur character and you as a
"friends are just like roses watch out for the pricks!"