2001-11-04 21:20:16 (UTC)


some people think that friendships never last. But
sometimes i think that.
Can you remember when everyone was your friends when you
were little. Everyone and anyone would play with you.Then
all of a sudden you now think that everyone gross person
has cooties.
And that happens for many years untill you hit maturity and
you like everyone
all of a sudden.Dont you see like hate like then you know
what happerns you hate your
friends not just the oppisite sex.I bet even if you had a
besst friend and you two knew each other for so many years
it dosent matter in the end you both will split up. Even if
its different likes or to having a job even to having your
own family you two will eventually split up. I hate when
friends split up. And im talking about me spliting up with
my friends
and i had such good friends when i was small. Sometimes i
would see them at the store try to hide so they wont see me
but now when im older i regret it. I think that i should
have said hi so we could catch up. But no i had to hide.
Know i forgot most of them but i can still remeber them. I
might still see them now but would i really reconize them
maybe i bumped into one of them but didnt really know and
just smiled and said sorry. Sometimes_i do regret it.But
you know the saying lose a friend make a new one. But i
hate one reason best friends should split up. You know
people have best friends for so many years and then they
just turn around and stab you right in the back.I too and
friends like that and i too have been one of those friends.
But there are always a different selection of friends jsut
because you lost a friends dosent mean that no one wants to
be your friends but during your life you will get to that
point in life there will be a so called popular groups and
i have bben in one of those but in the end u get kicked out
of one of those and some people will just pick up your
scarps and add you to ther groups so they might think that
they are more cooler.