Angel lips

My walk through Life
2001-11-04 21:16:24 (UTC)


Well, today is Sunday this has been a majorly hecktic week.
I'll start off at Wensday Halloween. Well, a friend of mine
(well now an x-best friend i'll tell u about that later)
and i took her little cousins trick-or-treating. It was
okay, i was the only one who deccided not to dress up, but
I haven't since i was like 12 or 13. So it didn't bother me
at all. i think if i would have i would have felt like an
idiot. Well, we took them all around their whole
subdivision until they started crying because their little
feet hurt. then of course we carried them home, and once we
arrived her my friends aunts house. There sits the guy that
i have like totally fallen for over the summer when him and
i met for the first time at a party. Yah, when we met he
inquired about me and then i started going to football
games just to see him, and visiting my friends aunt and
everything. I truely liked this kid A LOT!. and it was very
weird to see him sitting there now that I have a boyfriend.
I kinda didn't know how to act or what to say. So to make a
long story kinda short the night ended by me feeling
totally confusied. I don't think that it was all that good
for me to see him. I was actually quesitoning if my
boyfriend is actually the one for me right now. Which i
never do! and so i ended up coming to my senses though.
"just when u think ur world is perfact u start to wonder"
*~By ME copyrighted.2001/10.31.01/