My rather boring life
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2001-11-04 20:38:56 (UTC)

Sex sex sex!

That got your attention, didn't it? ^_^ Someone has brought
to my attention that I need to specify a little about
myself. So, here's a BIG ASS survey I once filled out.

1. Nickname? Lots
2. First Name? Jackie
3. Middle name? *censored*
4. Last name? *censored*
5. Birthdate? April 10, 1983
6. Age? 18
7. Zodiac sign? Aries
8. Birthplace? North Carolina
9. Location? Georgia
10. Height? 5'1"
11. Shoe size? somewhere between 7 and 8, just depends
12. Eye color? brown
13. Pets? 1 dog, 1 cat
14. Siblings? 1 younger sister
15. What time is it right now? 3:00 PM EST
16. Last CD you bought? Umm....
17. Last movie you saw in the theater? Iron Monkey
18. There does not seem to be a question 18.
19. Who are your best friends? Krista, Hyon, and Paul (had
to say paul incase he reads this =P)
20. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? kinda/no/yes
21. What's his/her name? Hyonand I are kinda going out. My
crush..... Shinji ^_^
22. What language(s) do you speak? English, some Japanese,
some Spanish, and Latin (yes, it's a language)
23. What do you look for in a friend? A pulse, breathing,
24. What do you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend
honestly? A pulse, breathing, and consciousness (I have no
standards, really)
25. How many people are on your buddy list? 32
26. Do you drink? Mostly water and coke
27. What's your GPA? I don't feel like calculating it, but
I know I have Mostly A's and 1 C ^_^;;
28. Are you on any sports teams? nope

29a. Subject? Math, Science, History
29b. Do you like math? No.
30. Actress? Actresses suck shit
31. Actor(s)? Actors suck shit, too
32. Movie(s)? None
33. TV show(s)? Simpsons!
34. Song(s)? You're going to make me choose??!
35. Band/group? Too many
36. Singer? I dunno
37. Book? Cock and Bull by Will Self
38. Store(s)? Any place that sells subbed anime
39. Fashion? .... my pajamas?
40. Perfume for girl? I dunno
41. Cologne for guys? I dunno
42. Relative? Don't have a favorite
43. Sport(s)? Martial Arts are cool
44. Place to vacation? What's a vacation?
45. Ice cream flavor? SNAFU (ben and jerry's)
46. Day of the week? Tuesdays and Thursdays (anime club!)
47: Animal? I dunno
48: Food? Anything sugary
49: Fruit? ewwwwwwwww
50: Candy? anything sugary
51: Color? red
52: Drink? Sprite
53: Celeb? Celebrities suck
54: What is your favorite quote? "Konoyo wa love and peace!"
55: Words or phrases you use too much? baka!
56: Non-sport game which you enjoy? Final Fantasy anything
57: Goals short term? umm.... study for my history test
Tuesday and write my damn essay, also for Tuesday
58: Long term? umm.... death?
59: Month? April
60: Part of the newspaper? Comics
61: Thing to wear on a normal day? Pajamas
62: Thing to do in the summer? Keep cool
63: Thing to do in the winter? Keep warm
64: Number? 4
65: Physical feature on yourself? umm.... I dunno

Have you ever.......
66. Smoked? no
67. Lied? yes
68. Done any drugs? no
69. Been out of the country? technically, yes
70. Where? Japan
71. Met any celebrities? no
72. Broken the law? all the time (I always do about 5 over
the speed limit)
73. If so, have you been caught? I haven't gotten a ticket
74. Loved someone? yeah
75. Cheated on anyone? nah

What do you think about:
76. Life? Always look on the bright side of life *whistle*
77. Abortion? whatever floats your boat
78. Bill Clinton? He's the coolest prez we've ever had!
79. Teenage smoking? whatever floats your boat
80. Eating disorders? whatever floats your boat
81. Rape? That's just wrong
82. Marilyn Manson? Although I've never met him, I bet he's
a very nice boy
83. Boy bands? I like boys in bands ^_^
84. Spice Girls? are they still together?
85. Premarital sex? whatever floats your boat
86. Titanic? both the movie and the ship were a real
87. Jerry Springer show? do they even show that on tv
Doesn't seem to be a question 88.
89. Suicide? whatever floats your boat

First thing that comes to mind when you hear.....
90. South Park? Big Gay Al!
91. KoRn? good with a little butter and salt
92. Summer? Donna?
93. Ryan? Dunn
94. Justin? from anime club!
95. Tiffany? I think we're alone now...
96. Paul? *waves* hi paul
97. Steph? anime club
98. Brian? anime club
99. Jenna? she picked on me a lot in high school
100. Phil? Margera
101. Lindsay? umm... pass
102. Danielle? pass
103. Brittany? someone told me that her new album if
nothing but a bunch of bitching about not wanting to be
treated like a little girl. It's kind of hard to demand
respect when you have the mentality of a small child...
104. Erin? pass
105. Shauna? pass
106. Steve? Steve-o!
107. Now what time is it? 3:25 PM

Just some more annoying quesions....
108. Did you dress up for Halloween? yes
109. What were you? a drooling anime fan
110. Do you have a job? no
111. What college do you go to or want to go to? I go to
the State University of West Georgia
112. What does your school look like? it's small, but nice
113. Who would you like to meet? Shinji ^_____^
114. Do you go to a private or public school? public
115. Do you go to summer camp? no
116. Do you want to get married? maybe
117. Do you want it to last forever? of course
118: Kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? whatever's
119: What are you most scared of? the dark

Which one is better?
120. Oprah Winfrey or Rosie? neither
121. Walk or Run? neither
122. Books or music? I love them both
123. Reading or writing? reading
124. Tongue ring or belly button? neither, too much pain
125. Silver or Gold? silver
126. Mmmbop or mmmCRAP? mmmshutup
127. Angel of Mine or Devil of Mine? What?
128. McDonalds or Burger King? McDonalds, it's closer
129: Blondes or Brunettes? Brunettes!
130. Mexican or Italian? Neither
131: Email or snailmail? email
132: Do you sleep on your stomach or side or back? tummy
133: Do you sleep with the lights on or off? off
134: Are you a night or morning person? either. I'm not
much of a sleep person
135: Square, triangle, rectangle, or circle? Square
136: Would you rather loose all your top teeth or all of
your bottom teeth? either way, I'll just get some dentures
137: Pierce your eyebrow, nipple or tounge? neither
138: Gummy bears or gummy worms? both
139: Witches or vampires? vampires
140: Duct tape, scotch tape, or masking tape? duct tape
141: North or south? south
142: Would you rather give up candy or soda? candy
143: Bikini or full piece? full
144: Chips or pretzels? pretzels
145: Run or walk? neither
146: Yes or no? maybe

What do you think about...
147. Tattoos? Zee plane! Zee plane!
148. Piercings? too painful
149. School? expensive
151: Girls? dumb
152: Guys? dumb
153. Smiling? dumb
154: Got the life or got no life? got no life
155. God must have spent a little more time on? there is no
156: School? expensive

157: Do you have your license? yes
158: How many pillows do you sleep with? 2
159: If you could have an extra body part, what would it
be? a third breast
160: Which would you rather have poured into a cut, lemon
juice or salt? they'll both hurt like a bitch...
161: A superstition you believe in? mirrors (or reflective
stuff in general) are a gateway into a world not meant for
the living
162: What grade did you learn why we hiccup? I think 5th
163: If you had an extra set of eyes where would put them?
on my fingers
164. If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
in Japan
165: What time is it? 3:34 PM
166: Who do you want to marry? Shinji ^_^
167: What is your dream car? I dunno
168: Who do you go to for advice? No one
169: If you could change anything in your life, what would
iit be? I could stand to be a little happier
170: Scariest thing you've ever seen? you

Who is.....
171: Trustworthy? trust no one!
172: Nice? me
173: Hot? me
174: Sweet? me
175: Strongest? me
176: Smart? me
177: Dumb? me
178: Weird? me

179: Do you think about right before you go to bed? Is it
180: Do you think about right after you wake up? food
181: Is one thing that you want to do in your life? I dunno
182: Are you known for? being quiet
183: Do u want to do this summer? I dunno
184: Is a perfect vacation spot? I dunno
185: Would be a perfect location for a house? a haunted
Insian burial ground...
186: Theme are you going to have in your kitchen? food
187: Color pen do you like to write in the most? black
188: Are you thinking about right now? this survey sucks

Do you or Are you.....
189: Have a webpage? no
190: Ticklish? yes
191: Have parents? yes
192: Glad that this long survey is over? YES!
193: What time is it now? 3:37 PM

Even more questions......
194: Lotion or Vaseline? lotion
195: Underwear? under there
196: Leather or vinyl? neither
197: Edible body paint or underwear? neither
198: Whips or chains? neither
199: Are you an Exhibitionist? no
200: Are you submissive or dominating? submissive

Ok, this has gone on long enough. I'll do the last 63 some
other day.

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