a little piece of me
2001-11-04 20:37:25 (UTC)


well, brett just had to deal with me and my damn
insecurities. but, i guess we made it through. he's so
great. seriously, i'm crazy about him! this is all
happening so fast...it totally kicked me in the ass.
sigh. i just melt every time i talk to him. argh. i must
quit talking about him.

so, i really should be studying right now. i had to print
off this study guide thing from the net. 13 fucking
pages! i'm so screwed. thank god this teacher curves. i
mean, really. i really need to work hard for this test so
i don't keep a c. i'm hoping for a b. guess that won't
happen if i don't get my ass in gear!! i think i'll be
getting up at 6 again tomorrow. hehe.

yeah, so i started this like an hour ago, but i've been
talking to brett. hehe. just can't get enough of that
boy. seriously heather, i owe you sooooooo much! if
there's anything you want, need, etc...you let me know! i
am totally serious here! your wish is my command! lol. i
better be careful what i say, i could get myself into some
trouble here!! lmao. but yeah, in case you hadn't
noticed, i've been in a much much much better mood.

ok, well, it's been like an hour and a half now, and i
wanna talk to brett, so i'm going.