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2001-11-04 17:14:30 (UTC)

Saturday night - hanging out

At night I was outside street of my home town. There was no riot
because my friends are not there. And toughs hadn't no people to
harash. Some two older friends came by autocar. I waved and they
stopped. The thought I did call them. They invited me go to into
heart of my home town. I accept because I dreamed of changing my
way of life.
They invited me to go for a night bar at another town. I accept
and went. In a secondary street of that rich town there was the
bar. Upstairs and there was people seems to be hippies, students,
kish. There was other friends of home town. I ask for a soda.
Other was drinking beer, capiroska aka vodka and lemmonade. My
older friend Cassy was smiling to me and trying to make me drunk.
She thinks to be drink makes people cool. To be cold for weeks
make me funny and sensitive. She was drawing some kisses and
smiles under amazing of her cousin Ana. Every people thinks I
am like an Angel. Maybe they are right. Hour passed I won the
game of guess sticks in hands. She was pouring cup to my mouth.
I couldn't be drunk because I did only sucked the pipes few drops.
Where was my friend Aramel. Large people my friend Nero said he
had beaten for some strange near from bartender. A misunderstanding
story caused by bartender and a drunk man with her girlfriend and
seven other female friends. No much events occured to lose.
We had paid bill and going home. How friends used my old friend
Cassy. Because she has a car and is independent. It is making her
life to late. I asked a kiss at final of story when she left near
from outside street. I did reply that I wanted more than a friend
kiss. She denied. I told her she was acting as some friend of me.
That her boyfriend abused her and she was rejecting any touch or
meeting because of sorrow and lack of confidence.
Today Sunday my friend Mel, who that Guard Angel used me to save
and protect will come back from beaches. And I will restore her
to path. No tough people will hurt her again. Because I will void
them. God are you happy about me. I did things only a human could
do in a single life in a town anywhere in time.
Dedication to a past friend, user Macintosh from brasnet.org irc
server. He died when his car hit a rock left in road in crossroad.
I think if it was criminous to make a repair truck to get service.
I talked him sometimes in Beginner channel. His nickname is since
1998 October. The same time I entered in Internet World. But he
was only seventeen and had a Visual Communcation Enterprises company.
I did believe all dreams of people used Internet since that time.
I survived as much other people to changes in economicals and
internet facing. I saw happy people, hopping people, sad people,
confuse people, evil people, doomed people, lost people, dying people,
celebrities that make the start of internet as nowadays since 1996.
And lately the neighbours of my town. I think that is because now
they are really needing my help. Only way to get them in equal
condition the enemies is by democratical and unparcial internet
The cold disease make me more heartfull and corageous than I was
a teenager at fifteen years old. I feels more weak but more human.
I don't know if I regret when I hated so much that evil people
I have found over internet. I don't know how disagree could do
the wraith I felt for them. Really I hated what they did to my
friends. The way they could hurt them and lefting me without them.
When my disease will be gone I won't remember my feelings and I
wouldn't know those words was mine.