The Sexy Blonde
2001-11-04 20:14:22 (UTC)

Stacey and my Fiance


Okay I got up and I got ready. I put on clothes and blow
dried my hair. Then my ride ( A 30 year old mexicano , that
has a son who goes to the middle school) came and picked me
up, & I was suprised because he had gone to the store and
bought me a tea.When I got to school, I went to tutoring
real quick but he couldn't help me right away, I had to
wait my turn because Geometry people were in there.Then I
got to first period and my teacher wrote on the word she
was sick and couldn't talk. So before we got there she
stacked and pushed all the desks against the floor, telling
us were suppose to sit on the floor. Of course being the
hard ass I am I went to the janitors and got a chair, "Yeah
right like I'm gonna sit on this roach infested crack
headed ass's schools floor" but anyways. 2nd period Spanish
was okkay. I got in there and it was boring as usual. 3rd
period me & this boy made the first 103 out of all my
geography teachers classes, on this test.

then alng came fourth period, oh by the way I am cramping
bad, cause I am on my period. Anyways 4th period gym, goes
pretty well, we got lectured, had to weite down a bell
ringer, then go do what we want. (Of course I asked
permission to sleep on the bleachers) Then the 2nd bell
rung, which meant 5 minutes to get dressed. I didn't dress
out all the way just changed my pants and shoes. I wore
these tight-ass jeans, my Polo boots, and a silky purple
shirt, which was bothering me, and a blue sweat shirt.

Next came 5th Ipc class. (Science) and I had my work for
the whole week finished on Tuesday so I wasn't worried
about anything. Then I went to 6th period and (computer)
and did a few assignments to catch up. I was falling behind
because I MISSED 2 FRICKEN days because I was out for

Then along came 7th period, which started it all.

I stayed after school on Thursday for 2 hours with my
algebra teacher, and I understand everything great now.
ANyways my (last year I got kicked out of school with
Tashia and STacey and Stacey got sent to CEP & Tashia & I
went to SAC)friend Stacey has Alegra with me & we were
doing our work when the assistant principal came in the
room to talk to the whole damn class about insubordination
and why it was happening.Our class lied about everything
(teacher wasn't teaching anything, & he was more worried
about disicpline).WHAT A LIE, GGEEEZZZ those people were
full of crap. Anyway we got into partners of 2, and STacey
and I got together, and she worked well, & I helped her a
lot. Then she said she would give me a ride home, then we
stayed after school to get some books from her locker and
to say goodbye to this guy she likes, then we finally left,
she was going to drop me off but we decided to go to my
house so I could change my shirt & get some money. THen we
left to her house to get her money, we were in her moms
car, because her brother was cleaning her brand new camaro,
and we were in her moms sports car. Anyways down the high
way we went to a nail salon, we didn't like that place so
we went to find another place, called Nic Nails. When we
got there we waited almost 3o minutes, then 1hour and 45
minutes later my nails were done, then 20 minutes later
hers were done. After they dried, we left &went to Walmart,
because she needed to steal some necklaces, & she stole me
some earrings for my mom, cause I thought she would be mad
at me when I got home but she wasn't & I forgot the
earrings at Stacey's house, anyways after we got out of
walmart, we stopped at a convience store so I could go pee.
Then we rode for a long ass time to get home, we went to
her house to get money from her mom to pay me back cause I
paid for her nails. Then she dropped me off at my house
luckily knowbody was home, so I didn't care.

Oh yeah another reason I went to Walmart was to see how
much getting my ears pierced costed. But not just 1 or two.
I wanted 12, that was too many , plus they said you had to
have parent permission, or be 18, but it was 26$ a
piercing, fucked upp...this mexican place I know does it
for 12$ anyways I want to have it done before december,
before my wedding or my babies parents anniversary, for
pictures!! I don't want my ears to look nasty or have a
funny purplish color in the pictures. So anyways.
Then ..never mind..my honey doesn't want me to pierce
anything, but oh well.!Leave lots of notes if you read the
whole thing I thank you I'm so happy for you!What a great
reader!! add me too your favorites. I dont normally write
long entries.

ANyway I slept over at my mans house, we slept in his
brothers bed because his sister sleeps with her baby in his
bed because she is having trouble with her husband at her
hous, she is getting divorced.So she stayed there. ANyways
he picked me up Friday at 10:30p.m., when I got to his
house, he made his brother sleep on the couch other, but he
have to understand that meant someone sleeps on the floor
if he didn't move. Then he got in the shower, & I had
already changed into my pajamas, & I got into bed. I was
falling asleep, he came in and we cuddled and kind of
fooled around. Then we went to sleep, then in the morning
we cuddled some more & and he touched my face and caressed
my arms & my thighs.Then we went out to the kitchen & ate
breakfest. Then I went back to the bed. Then he went to the
bed & he kissed me goodbye, & off he went to work.That was
9:30. I went back to bed until 2:00, I woke up at 2 because
I had to take a shower & "do" my hair, then at 3:00 his mom
had made the soup for the Bar-B-Que. Then we finally got
there about 3:30 and I had to be home at 4. We didn''t
leave until 4:30 because he wanted me to take home some bar-
b-que, & then I got home and got on here and check my mail
and talked to folks. Then I learned my brother left the
window open all day while he wasn't here and I got angery
and yelled at him! I appreciate you reading this entry it
means a lot. God Bless you leave good notes!!