Death to all
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2001-11-04 19:59:05 (UTC)

save a board...ride a skater

In my life I've never experienced love so sweet and strong
Deep inside my heart and soul, I know that we belong.

I never knew that love actually did exist
but in my heart I found it did the day that we first kissed.

I've never promised anyone my forever
but to be with you perpetually...I'd do anything whatsoever

If you look into my soul you will see
A complete picture of honor, truth, and loyalty

With you there is no such thing as bereft
I love you with all my heart...there no room left.

I pray that this is true love and that it will never die
I want to spend my life with you and never say goodbye


Alright...uhm. That one took me a lot longer to
write...but it's still not very good at all. Not at all.
I wish I could write poems better (like how I wrote them
when I was super suicidal...) but I can't. I'm gonna have
to write more to get better, I suppose.

Well, it's time to go.