fuck the world lets all get high
2001-11-04 19:41:03 (UTC)

well me and thirs guy kevin we..

well me and thirs guy kevin we haveing been talking
for like a week now and we went out the outher night and
we started taliking and he ask me if we could like make
what we had a fishil and i dont wont to hert him but u
said yes and i do like him and all but i dont wont to
hert him because im a bitch like that some times and i
chancg my mine alot about boys or men and i real dont
know him that much but i guess if it dose not work out
its dose it work out but there s a part of me that wonts
it to work out and theres a part of me that dose not
wont it to work out i dont kow i cant wat to met the one i
well spend the rest of my life with of do i not wont that
i guess i well find out in time ? see i have so much shit
going on in my life right know i dont know if he wonts
to put up with the problems that i have it not easy to
put up with me and i know that that is why all the
friends ihave i dont wont to lose but i need to stop all
thirs stuped shit i have been doing to all of them well
the only one i have fucked over i guess well she was
not realy my friends says my cuz and now over a guy who
did not like her she thinks im fucked up in the head well
guess what bitch i am fucked up in the head so fucking live
with it