Sal Paradise

Sal Paradise
2001-11-04 19:34:03 (UTC)

Materialisitc Lisa

materialistic lisa
eats her materialistic pizza
because nothing matters
other than her materialistic ideas

materialistic lisa
buys cars the color fuchsia
with tinted gold windows
materialistic lisa
lives off of the living
bragging how much she has
and how she can have more and more

materialistic lisa
winning every battle
because when it comes to lisa, nothing really matters

when you kiss her
she is just waiting for you to tell her how much you’re
when you hug her
she just awaits to hear how much you’re going to give her
when you marry her
she only wants to know how much she’ll benefit from
how much she’ll get along the way
and how much money she’ll be rewarded when she prays

materialistic lisa
talks on her materialistic phone
with her materialistic clothes
and her materialistic bones
her precious materialistic skin
being stretched and whatever is left over
belongs in the trash bin

materialistic lisa
eats materialistic pizza
sitting on her materialistic floor
materialistic lisa
talks by herself on her materialistic cellular telephone
all alone

when you talk to her
she wonders how much money she can get out of you
when you try to hurt her
that materialistic heart is pure and rich and strong, but
especially interested

materialistic lisa
drives her millionaire car
she cries away her materialistic tears
and she throws the material out of the window very far
materialistic lisa
drives off into the sea
and materialistic lisa tries to be real
lisa tries to be humble and be everything she sees on TV
but materialistic lisa
wanting to feel
just threw away her ideal

now, materialistic lisa lays
on her florescent pink and gold rimmed coffin
with all her materials in her box
with no one to cry for her
but her shiny rocks
and materialistic lisa is no more
she was worth nothing
she was pretty--pretty poor