Sal Paradise

Sal Paradise
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2001-11-04 19:22:38 (UTC)

Those Are My Girls

i watch you two walk to grandma's house
late at night when there is no light
i stand by the door and hope you two are okay
i watch you two with pride everyday
and when i see you two walk away
i wish i could say out loud, "those are my girls"
and a slap in the face
isn't enough to tell you liposuction is a waste
"those are my girls"
i listen to you two play with your dolls
from the next room i smile and i am in awe
you cry girls
i make you cry, girls
but i am lie
i am lie
you defy me
yes, you defy
but when you cry girls
i choke and hide
and when you get socked in the nose
i wish i had the guts to say, "those are my girls"
"those are my girls"
and when you make me a rainbow
out of yarn
i wish i had the pride to say, "those are my girls"
i'm sorry
i wish i had
i wish i knew
i wish i were
i wish you too
but, "those are my girls"
my girls