oddly interesting?
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2001-11-04 19:04:08 (UTC)


11.04.01 (( 2.03 pm
jessycat 09: hiya chi! =D long time no talk!
kittee182: hi hi ^^
jessycat 09: how are yas?
kittee182: goody =D gettin spoiled wiff candy
jessycat 09: heh me too sorta. im suckin on a tootsie pop
kittee182: tootsie pop!
kittee182: kandy kern here hehe
jessycat 09: uh uh =D
jessycat 09: lol
kittee182: ::sigh::
jessycat 09: -yawn- i stayed up late last night
kittee182: lol i slept like at 12
jessycat 09: i was too busy listening to the hp soundtrack
kittee182: ooh! =)
jessycat 09: heh
kittee182: they were making fun of hp last night
kittee182: about how his voice got dubbed
jessycat 09: aw
jessycat 09: lol
jessycat 09: who was?
kittee182: because he was going through puberty heh ::shruggs::
jessycat 09: lmao
kittee182: conan o'brien XDDD
jessycat 09: NO WAY
jessycat 09: I LOVE HIM.
jessycat 09: lmao
jessycat 09: sorry
kittee182: LOL!
kittee182: lmao he's funny
jessycat 09: yea yea
kittee182: i like it when he takes his desk for a ride
kittee182: its hilariousss
jessycat 09: OH I SAW THAT
kittee182: hehehe!!!!
jessycat 09: i was laughin sooo hard
kittee182: i knoo haha
kittee182: i wanna try that some day
jessycat 09: meh too.
jessycat 09: but ill have my computer with me.
kittee182: eheheh
kittee182: did u see when conan was bartending?
jessycat 09: no
kittee182: it was funny ^-^
jessycat 09: lol
kittee182: uh more candy kern
jessycat 09: im sucking on my stick from the tootsie pop now
jessycat 09: heh
kittee182: lol i do that all the time
jessycat 09: lol
jessycat 09: i cant help it
jessycat 09: its like a bad habit or sumthin
kittee182: yeah then the paper starts to tear
jessycat 09: yea
kittee182: yup
jessycat 09: unless its the plastic sticks
kittee182: yeah
kittee182: i cant chew on that
jessycat 09: mm
jessycat 09: what else do i have.. ooo kit kats!
kittee182: ooh i ate a lotta of them
jessycat 09: i love kit crunch bars
kittee182: i love twix
jessycat 09: oh oh lol i like them too not the peanut butter ones
kittee182: ewwww
jessycat 09: have you ever tried the dum dums popcorn flavored
kittee182: yeah
kittee182: i got a TON of those
kittee182: i dont like em =/
jessycat 09: i LOVE them but everyone thinks theyre nasty
jessycat 09: lmao
jessycat 09: im like weird =D
kittee182: hehe =D
jessycat 09: okay finished mah kit kats
kittee182: already? XD
jessycat 09: ya heh
jessycat 09: ew. reese sticks. i hate reese sticks but um its the
only candy i have left
jessycat 09: im taking the good candy to school
jessycat 09: so my friends can get mad at me
kittee182: eww eww peanut butter
kittee182: lmao hehe
jessycat 09: because i wont give them any
kittee182: go on and spoil yourself =P
jessycat 09: lol

lmao! there you go. a convo that consists of me and chi talking cause
we havent talked in a LONG time! we talked like.. YESTERDAY lmao


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