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Her World...The Diary of Dani Clare
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2001-11-04 18:22:49 (UTC)

Just A Little Survey

After skimming through random online diaries and journals,
I realised that a lot of people have put up a few surveys,
so that others can know a little more about them. I think
that these can be pretty pointless but pretty fun too, so I
decided to fill in this one that a friend e-mailed to me.
However, this one does really no justice...but it'll be
good to look back on.

Full name: Danielle Clare Symonds
Nickname(s): Mainly Dani or Dani Clare, ‘Femme Fatale’ on
MSN, ‘Barbie’ by my family or ‘Her’ in my St David’s poetry
Parents’ names: Heather and Keith.
Birthdate: 16th September 1984
Boyfriend or girlfriend: A lovely perfect boyfriend called
Crush (Say his or her name): I don’t have a ‘crush’. Chris
is the only person I love.
Hair colour: Light blonde.
Eye colour: Hazel.

Food: I adore salad!
Drink: It has to be hot chocolate!
Sport: Either badminton or swimming. I play hardly any
sports, hehe.
Board game: Hmm. Scrabble?
Hang out: I haven’t really a particular favourite ‘hangout’
as I hardly go out…not sure really.
Band/Group/Singer: It’ll have to be Alisha’s Attic and TLC.
Billie Piper’s music is brilliant, or was; I think she has
been sacked now but I still like her music J
Boy band: Argh! Boybands all seem to sound the same to me
but if I have to pick one, I guess it’ll have to be the
Backstreet Boys.
Song: ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC is my all-time favourite song. I
just love it; the tune is brilliant and the lyrics are so
true! I listen to this if I am ever upset. Two of my
current favourite songs are ‘Hit ‘em Up Style’ by Blue
Cantrell, and ‘Ain’t It Funny’ by Jennifer Lopez. But none
compare to ‘No Scrubs’!
Colour: Definitely pink; whether pastel pink, dark pink,
fluorescent pink, ‘Barbie’ pink…I love it!
TV Show: My favourite cartoon is the Powerpuff Girls! But
if it has to be a programme it would be Sabrina The Teenage
Witch by far.
Disney movie: Erm…I don’t really have a favourite Disney
movie. Prince of Egypt is the best cartoon film I have seen
but I don’t think it is Disney to be honest. A lot like,
Animal: Cat. They’re cute and elegant and are more…
polite...when doing business!
Radio station: Red Dragon FM, a local radio station that
plays lots of pop music. Okay so there are annoying
advertisements after every few songs but overall it’s a
good station J
TV Channel: Hmmm. There are so many to choose from…
Nickelodeon I’d imagine J
Thing to do on a weekend: See Chris of course!

PEOPLE (Friends)
Most Likely To…
Go to jail: That would probably be me…
Graduate high school head of the class: I’m really not sure!
Be famous: Definitely Stuart!
Become a model: Paula
Change the world (in a good way): Rachel!
Find a cure for cancer: That would be Gemma, the scientific
Have no children: Bridget definitely…she always says that
she doesn’t want any.

Which Is Better…
Burger King or McDonalds: McDonalds!
Britney or Christina: Ugh...I’ll go with Britney.
Roller blades or skateboard: Roller blades, unless you’re
going down a big hill. I’d never do that again.
Vanilla or chocolate: I’m a chocolate person.

Been in love? Definitely.
Had someone in love with you? Of course!
Gone to Church? Hasn’t everyone? Heehee
Broken the law? Nope!
Forgot to thank someone after they did something really
nice to/for you? Nope, I’m a polite little lady so I’d
always thank someone.
Been given a compliment by the guy or girl that you like?
Many a time.
Cheated on a BF/GF? I refuse to comment ;)
Been cheated on? Yep. And what goes around comes around, so
people who hurt others must prepare to be hurt themselves.
Gone Carolling (Christmas)? Nope, nowadays it’s sort of
begging. Like Penny-For-The-Guy.
Ditched school? Nah, I am a good girl!
Lied? Everyone who says they haven’t lied are liars!

Jennifer: Jennifer Jane, from a storybook I had when I was
Sally: Girl from Nightmare Before Christmas.
Jordan: Fake glamour model who is always sprawled across
the newspaper, usually with a different man each time.
Sarah: Murdered by a paedophile.
Rachel: A lovely friend of mine!
Chris: Loveliest man in the world!

Do you believe in love at first sight? It depends on what
kind of person you are. Personally I can’t just look at a
person and think ‘I love him’, because he may look good,
but could be really evil.
Do you ever want to die? Nope. It’s easy to think if you’re
upset but that’s nasty, if you have everything to live for
why throw it away?
Do you have a diary? Obviously…I’m writing in it!
What’s your most treasured possession? I am not
particularly sure, as I own lots of special possessions.
Advice you can give someone: Fair is foul and foul is fair…
Have you ever liked one of your teachers? Nope…teachers in
Hartridge are old (all the male ones anyway) and smelly!
What are you doing right now? I am sat in my bedroom with
the light on, in my dressing gown, typing the answers to
this survey, talking to Chris on Mirc while drinking tea
and listening to fireworks outside.
What are you doing later? The same probably! Though add in
a hot bath and some work on my website.
Do you ever wish upon a star? Nope.
Do you like scary movies? Of course! Chucky movies are my
favourite. Well they’re not scary as such but I love them!

And that concludes my survey!

Love & Beauty,
Dani Clare