even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-04 17:31:38 (UTC)

free youre mind

man oh mna... i think i slept well. i dont;rmemerbr... i
wok eup at ten, i rmember my watch goign off and i rmemebr
htingin, its 7 its 7, i dont; want to move to turn my watch
off, and it only goes off for a minute, and i wals ike,
i'll let it timer itslef out, but it ididnt.. i had to move
and fix it... so today, we're ogign on a picnic.. im
excited... josh isn;t goign , though, cause aum is goign..
i feel bad for joshua, poor, josh... i.. i hope he grows
from this, i really hope he does, i thinkt hat a little
growing would be good for joshua, maybe he'll make some
other friends, and kind of separtae form sam, i think that
woul dbe good.. healthy, you know? so i told joslein my
theory on tlaking baout hings and not people, and i think
sheliked it so we're gonna try to do that... last night
eklly an jason wer eover here till kinda late, and there
wer kind of all over eachother, which was, seriously, it
was a little bit much, it was cute though, but it was
alittle much... its nice that kelly is happy again, and our
lives aren;t dominated by her-and-sam thingo, so im glad
thats over.. so we';re kind of goign on a raod trip with
the boys... i man, driving for an hour, thast kind of,t hat
will be so fun, im excited... i think im a little too
attached to my finred.. im goign to dalals next weekend,
and im like, yikes, i hop ei odn;t miss them too much, i
actually just htought of that, but... its completely
reasonable, you know? im excited about goign to dallas
too.. i thought i would have a car or a job or osmething by
then, hopefully by thanksgiving, we'll see, im gonan try...
i think a car and being more movbile will really help,
cause hten i can be like, yea, i'lll come get you! and
it'll be fin.. speaking of which,i gave htis guy matt my
phone number the other day, which is weird, im ean, tis not
liek me, but hes a cool guy, and when i first got here he
was really nice, so it hin it should be ok... i just wrote
jennifer an email.. i miss her... man... firneds... what to
do, you know? love them, i guess... give them hugs, and be
there and vice versa... sigh... joslein just put on the
smashing pumpkins, and its liek, ahhhh im hhope this
doesn;t turn bad, i think it should be good...

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