Blood and Chocolate
2001-11-04 16:49:38 (UTC)

" I wish I could kiss your eye lids and then your lips while you sleep . . ."

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here ! I am so tired ! Ahhhhh ! I spent so
much time on the phone last night !!!!! First Nate called
at like 11 , so I talked to him about alot of stuff ! I
think him and mick are coming over next weekend !!!!! :)!
haha ! they are " my guys" !hehe then after I got off the
phone with him , I was online talking to Morgan and a
certain guy signed on and was being such a doll !!!!!!!! oh
my heart he was being so sweet !!!!!! Then he ended up
calling me at like 12:30 and we talked on the phone till
like 3 !!! haha ! It was so funny cause we were talking
about some weird stuff and then he was like " you sound so
tired " and I was like " yea cause I have had a long day"
and he goes " well you don't need to stay up on account of
me" and I was like " yea but when I talk to you on the
phone I can see you in my mind so I want to keep talking "
and he goes "ok but I see you all the time in my dreams. SO
it wont bother me if you want to go to sleep , I will
understand " !!!! We talked till like 3 and then I was
like " ok I really gotta get some sleep " and he
goes "aight babe ! See you in my dreams babe! Sleep well my
darling !" and I waslike " good night ! " and he said " I
wish I could watch you sleep ! That would be like the most
perfect thing. even if it was just for a minute ! and then
I would kiss your eye lids and then your lips ! and then
lay next to you just to watch you smile while you sleep and
listen to your heart and your breath ! " and I was like "
aww ! Thanks that sounds nice to me too ! Sweet dreams" and
he waslike " you too my dear". Ahhhhhh ! You just gotta
love him !!!!!! oh my gowsh ! its so screwed up ! but
omg last night I burned copies of the Evita sound tracks
from Chrissy ! Thanks hun !!! I love em !!!!! haha ! But I
really gotta bounce!

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