jax0r's journal
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2001-11-04 16:48:18 (UTC)

Where did my childhood go?

Where are all my ponytail holders? All my ribbons and toy
bracelets? My my little ponies? My Rainbow Brite movies? My
Gem doll? New Kids On The Block tapes, videos, marbles and
pajamas? Where is my Bon Jovi poster? My L.A. Lights? My
favorite Dr. Seuss book, Hop on Pop? My toy lipstick and
plastic fake high-heels? My Fisher Price vanity? My little
Mermaid sheets? Where are my crayons and my unfinished
Mermaid coloring book? My half full doodle pad? The Light
Brite that I loved? Where did my nice pink carpet go? My
pet earth worm Charlie? The cardboard box that was my club
house? My sweet younger brother, where is he? The peanut
butter and jelly sandwiches I loved? And the cut up hotdogs
in mac and cheese? Where is my toy microphone? Or the toy
phones I used to call my sweet younger brother? Where is
my "Charolette's Web" tape with "Denver the Last Dinosaur"
after it? And all the hugs daddy gave me when I was really
his little girl?