The Red Book
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2001-11-04 16:40:00 (UTC)

The Call...

He called me last night, or rather this morning, at around
1ish...he wondered why I was still awake (he knows
sometimes I can't sleep), and I wondered why he called. He
wasn't just making friendly conversation when he called,
that as much I knew. I didn't know how to approach the
subject anyway, so we just talked as if nothing like that
had ever happened.

Honestly, I was shellshocked! Okay, okay, so I DID have a
crush on him in school for a while (but it was more like
lust)...and yes, I loved every minute flirting with him
when I knew he was attached...but as Mei would say, "She
flirts with anyone!!!" *g* And Charlie's one helluva
flirt, I can tell you that...he can make anyone blush with
his charm and honeyed words and I'm only human. :o) But
he's a terrific friend and he's always ready to listen.

Anyways, he suddenly told me this weird story about his
friend who boinked a girl he had just met over IRC and he
made me promise that I won't ever be like that girl...three
times! Gawd knows what he's trying to pull off...after
some silly jokes and asking me twice what I did in the day,
he brought up the kiss.

He said he was sorry for taking advantage of the situation,
BUT he wasn't sorry for the kiss. Does that make sense?
So...where does that leave our friendship? Where does it
stand? I still couldn't say a thing after he apologised.
I didn't know WHAT to think, let alone speak. Thus, all I
said was, "Okkkkaaaayyyy..."


Then we started talking about how JC life was and how we
both missed it...and then he said he missed having my
friends and I sitting behind him in Econs lectures, and all
of my silly jokes and noises.

The first thing that came to mind was, "OHMIGAWD!" coz Fa,
Mei, Ada and I were usually gossiping about him while
sitting there...or at least him and his entire bench...and
all the dirty jokes we told...Whoooaaaaa....When I asked if
he had heard everything that went on behind him, he started

"You were so loud, dear."


We talked until it was almost 3am but I was still awake.

"You better get some sleep or you'll be tired the whole

"I'm still awake."

"Oh, I wish I was there to hug you to sleep...Just hug your
pillow, kae...and close your eyes..."

I think I melted right there into a pool of goo. No one
has ever said something so sweet to me before. Like an
idiot again suddenly, i said...


We said good night. I tried to sleep but with a parting
like that, it was hard.

And I was suddenly compelled to sleep in his shirt.


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